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Cycling is great fun, I like it because it’s easy on the joints. You get to cover distances relatively quickly which means the landscape changes frequenlty, this keeps things interesting. Social cycling is great too. Particularly when you are travelling to and from a place of interest such as nearby woodlands, outdoor markets or even the pub!

Use this page to post your cycling exploits. Whether you’re training for a triathlon, sprint, hill climb, cross country or simply enjoy cycling….




1 thought on “Cycle”

  1. I recently started placement and the only travelling means (due to the extreme shift times) that I could use included cycling a few miles through the countryside each day to get to my destination. I never enjoyed cycling at all and actively avoided it, yet since I started this form of travel I realised that to get into something – and really stick to it – sometimes a form of motivation and inclination is required. For me it was the work, and living just that little extra distance from it. I’m feeling more active already with all this morning (and evening) surges of endorphins 🙂

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